Bringing the community together through Local Art, Local Food and Music.

Unity in our community

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Community: a feeling of fellowship with others, as a result of sharing common attitudes, interests, and goals. Need I say more?  There is no greater feeling than that of bringing a community together. Especially when there is art, music and of course, really good food.

Even with the gloomy forecast the day was beautiful, the rain held off until we were closing down. But no matter how dreary the weather, we had our own personal sunshine.  Many vendors were excited to see customers and friends they hadn’t seen in a while, many greetings of hugs.  Some of us were able to reconnect with old friends that we haven’t seen in over 20 years, and made new friends too. That never gets old!



The greatest reward for me is witnessing a community forming in front of your very eyes. People getting to know each other, sharing stories and laughter is an immeasurable joy.  Those moments are worth every ounce of energy I put into organizing these events.

We had several vendors at our last market this past Saturday.  It was refreshing talking with the owners of the food trucks.  I had set out a couple of weeks ago on a food truck mission as well as fresh foods/produce and found Pita’s On The Run.  Owner/Operator Ramzi was exciting to talk to from the first moment.  We corresponded to confirm the event and time of arrival, you know the usual.  We got to talking about more than the event, but other things that we would love to see and do in our community. Rami’s energy is contagious and definitely makes you want to go hug a stranger, for no apparent reason at all.  And this feeling did not change as I spoke with other food truck owners and vendors alike. It is always a very satisfying feeling to witness very talented artists crack off another piece of their shell, gaining confidence as an artist and in themselves while making a difference with what they do.

So, thank you to all who came out to support this growing community, the community in which is being created together.  Thank you to all who have supported by sharing the word, passing out flyers, telling their friends, listened to me ramble on like a squirrel with ideas.  Thank you everyone.

A very special thank you goes to our sponsors.  Main Street Chiropractic stood up to show his support, along with Mc Gill Plumbing and the Largo Leader.  The contributions made to this movement are appreciated more than you know.  It is the feeling of community that is provided by the connectivity this event enables and that feeling would not be possible without you.  The City of Largo for the many conversations, the assistance with the redevelopment grant, the paperwork and continuous support.

Lastly, a huge thank you must given to John of Music Unlimited DJ’s for the countless hours of music preparation and brainstorming conversations.  I value what you do for this event and look forward to many more events to come.

The Last Ghost Dance. From the moment I heard Kade’s fingers against those strings on the mandolin, I was forever hooked.  The Last Ghost Dance isn’t your typical “band”, or “entertainment”.  The music performed by these incredible young men is something you just have to hear for yourself.  Their family is very supportive, with them and the market.

You guys are more than gracious with the performances you provide to our vendors and patrons.  I look forward to watching you guys grow and hit it where you want it. I know you guys will go far with all that you offer this world. If you haven’t heard these guys yet, you can listen to and purchase their music here.


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